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Sports Memorabilia Birmingham, AL

sports memorabilia

The term sports memorabilia usually refers to a souvenir, memento, keepsake or token of remembrance that is directly connected to a famous athlete, sporting event or personality. These items are generally collected by fans that find sentimental and/ or monetary value of the items. BamaFlea Mall has all of your Alabama & Auburn sports memorabilia in Birmingham, AL!

We know how important your Alabama & Auburn gear is to the die hard football and sports memorabilia is in Birmingham, AL. We here at Bama Flea Mall & Antique Center have all your favorite sports memorabilia items: drawings, tshirts, glassware, keychains, signed framed artwork, etc.

Collectors like to look back in time when they are finding sports memorabilia. Items such as John L. Sullivan and Jack Johnson fight posters have sold well before. There is also a boxing glove signed by Sullivan, Johnson, Ruth and many Hollywood stars and American Presidents that has sold for a lot of money before. This glove is now on display at the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Other popular items in sports memorabilia in Birmingham, AL are “game-used” items. Game used can refer to an item worn on the field during a game, worn during the pregame, or by a player on the bench. These can include jerseys, pants, caps, helmets, gloves, shoes, or even sunglasses. Game Used can also refer to bats, balls, turf, flags, or other items used by a player on in the stadium. In NASCAR, and other forms of automobile racing, the metal from the cars, the tires, the driver uniforms, and the crew uniforms are popular collectibles. Concrete from the various racetracks are also popular. Trunks (shorts or pants), used by popular boxers such as Greg Haugen in boxing fights are also popular and sometimes sell for 100 dollars or more.

We carry all your favorite teams sport memorabilia in Birmingham, AL. Pictures of Paul “Bear” Bryant and the Crimson Tide National Championship Team. Pictures and shirts of both Alabama and Auburn teams! So stop on by Bama Flea Mall & Antique Center for all your favorite Sports Memorabilia in Birmingham, AL!

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